Company Profile and background

HAC Maarssen was founded in May 1991 by René Hartman. Its official full company name is R.H. Hartman Automatiserings Consultancy and its primary activity is providing support and advice for the Dutch eserver iSeries user community. The company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht.

Before establishing a private IT Consultancy firm, René spent over ten years in computer service and office automation, starting out as a customer engineer in the days that computer systems still required quarterly maintenance to keep them running. Timely cleaning of disk drive heads and replacement of absolute filters was a common task then and PC’s were non-existent, which goes to show what a long way the IT industry has come in a short time. After getting involved in service management, René's attention turned toward automating as much of the related processes as possible (and economically viable) in order to maintain a high standard of quality in call-tracking and follow-up. This was also the period René found he was better at translating error-prone, repetitive processes into automated, structured solutions than at managing people.

When HAC Maarssen was founded, it initially thrived on its knowledge of the AS/400 (as the eserver iSeries was previously known), PC networks, various operating systems and programming fundamentals. The AS/400 knowledge originates from the system’s introduction in 1988, and its general understanding of how to implement automation in organisations in order to make daily operation more efficient enabled HAC Maarssen to build up a short but rather impressive list of satisfied customers.

Today, the success behind HAC Maarssen is still that ability to use automation as a tool, rather than as an objective, with spot-on analysis of problem area’s and advice on efficient and structured, yet quick and cost-effective solutions. One of our latest achievements is the design and implementation of a security structure that allows an AS/400 (today: iSeries) system to run under adopted authority, sealing off ‘back-door access’ to production libraries while maintaining a library-based authority scheme, thus avoiding the huge authority-checking overhead caused by the object-based authority scheme commonly found in adopted authority environments.

That iSeries knowledge, combined with general knowledge on (inter-) networking, the various Windows varieties, Linux, SQL (also Oracle), programming and troubleshooting ability causes our clients to be pleased with our price-performance ratio as well. The customer comes first, and the buzzwords are: quality and versatility.

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